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Our Logo

AshaKiran, Inc. strives to be A Ray of Hope

Our logo represents our mission and vision. The rays of the new logo display the victimizations served.

Purple for Domestic Violence

Teal for Sexual Assault

Blue for Human Trafficking

Our Story

We fill a need in the community that mainstream agencies may not be able to address adequately​ by:

  • AshaKiran understands what crisis looks like in multicultural communities​.

  • AshaKiran invests in individuals with multicultural backgrounds that have additional barriers ​

  • AshaKiran bridges the gap between service providers and culturally specific communities​.


AshaKiran Services

AshaKiran continues to operate in its mission to educate, empathize, and empower the
foreign-born and persons from diverse communities by providing free, nonsectarian,
culturally and linguistically sensitive services specific to the needs of survivors of
domestic violence/intimate partner violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, trauma
across the State of Alabama.
The AshaKiran vision is to be, “A Ray of Hope” towards building a healthy and
harmonious community by recognizing the intersectionality of victims of trauma and
addressing those specific needs through direct services, community education, and
outreach initiatives.
Reaching and engaging culturally diverse populations in Alabama is the key tenet of
AshaKiran’s work. The Outreach Team strives to promote awareness through
professional development capacity building initiatives, community and victim service
provider outreach, and prevention campaigns to further this core objective.
AshaKiran’s trauma-informed team of direct service staff assist residential and
nonresidential clients throughout the state with individualized client-centered case
management which includes safety plans, resources, therapeutic support, language
services, temporary and permanent shelter/housing.
Direct care services include: a 24—hour crisis line (AshaLine) with immediate language
access—available to all partner organizations, emergency shelter, advocacy, individual
and group counseling, and comprehensive case management centered on
individualized culturally-sensitive care plans for each active residential and non-
residential client.

Board of Directors

Cheryl Lang


Krishna Srikakolapu


Elaine Lefevre

New Member

Nick Lioce


Cindy Hewitt


Mohammed Miran

New Member

Annette Philpot

Vice Chair

Katie Carpenter-Stuhr

New Member

Pritesh Shah

New Member

Stakeholders/Ex-Officio Members

Bhavani Kakani

Sgt. Yuliya Zaremba



Chief Johnny Gandy

Michael Conrad




We value our partnerships and collaborations throughout the state of Alabama.

•Victim service providers

•Law Enforcement

•Legal/ Court personnel

•Culturally specific organizations

•Community-based organizations

•Human services agencies

•Health care providers and many more...

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