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Our community needs your help! Within our state, numerous oppressed and abused individuals are unable to get assistance from public services because they are either too scared or unaware of how to access those resources.

  • Have you ever felt powerless or isolated by circumstances and/or others?

  • Imagine being away from your home, possibly where you don’t even speak the language, and dependent on others for your food, shelter, and sense of self-worth. Who can you turn to for help?

  • Have you or someone you know been violently threatened or abused?


When established community support services can’t help, AshaKiran does! Please join us at AshaKiran Foundation’s annual “A Ray of Hope” cultural event to bring light to another individual’s darkness.

A Ray of Hope 2023 Event is on Friday, October 20, 2023 at Big Spring International Park (out door) behind the Huntsville Art Museum.  Please note that A Ray of Hope Event is under AshaKiran Foundation which supports AshaKiran’s mission.


Any donations stay in our community in support of a nonprofit organization that is actively helping on the frontlines supporting frontline responders with culture awareness training, providing 24/7 crisis hope line, emergency shelter, basic needs, and domestic violence and other abuse relief and services. During the pandemic, many of our clients felt even more isolated and unable to seek help.

Last two years have been unexpected for everyone. We are excited about the event this year with diverse cultural dances along with many food trucks.

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